Self-Propagating Onions – Egyptian Walking Onions Planting Time! …Sort of.

My buddy at Shady Side Farm and I were discussing my onion woes.  Mainly, every seed packet I saw convinced me I’d need to buy multiple packets of seeds each year, and then hope they store well, because I eat a lot of onions.  Hundreds.  They are the backbone of cuisine.  I eat a lot of shallots too, but fortunately I can buy some of those from a fancy grocery store and then drop them off in the dirt like I do garlic to make baby food.  Onions, however, I’ve only found ones I need to wait to flower then collect the seeds, which leaves me with nothing to eat since the stalks are stiff as tree bark, the seeds are, well, seeds, and the bulbs are mush.

Fortunately, however, my dear friend suggested Egyptian Walking Onions.  They self-propagate, have lots of edible little bulbs on top, bunch at the bottom, and have tasty onion greens.  Not only that, but I’ve heard they spread like wild fire.

After trying to find a place to buy them and getting lots of complaint reviews about the bulblets being dried out, mushy, or otherwise not fertile and full of life, I finally found a source online.

They arrived just a few days after I ordered them and in great shape.  I actually ordered two separate sets!  One of ten and one of twenty because I thought they were different varieties, but I can’t tell at all if that’s the case by looking at them.  I was really grateful the place I ordered them from sent me an extra 10, since I paid for shipping twice and I greatly suspect that perhaps they are actually all the same.  This works out, since I plan on giving some to my mom for her garden, though I’ve been warned to be careful with these guys since they spread rapidly.

Since they can be planted in the winter, I tried to dig some holes out of my excitement, but unfortunately my ground is still frozen from Friday’s snow!  Ahh, I’m so excited though.  Please let me know if any of you have had any luck with these plants!  My excitement photos are below!

They came packed in bubble wrap and paper towels! Surprising, but effective.

Look how healthy those little guys look! Roots and shoots!

I got so excited I tried to plant them in my slightly frozen garden. I’ll plant the rest when the ground loosens up!

Ahh, so excited!  I love onions!  …Okay, I just love food.



I ended up planting them RIGHT BEFORE A MASSIVE SNOW STORM!  Ahhhh.  Well, good news, the snow(s) have now passed, and all of the 20 bulblets I planted are poking their pretty little heads out to say hello!  I can’t wait to eat them!


2 thoughts on “Self-Propagating Onions – Egyptian Walking Onions Planting Time! …Sort of.

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